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3 Best Spincast Reels for New Anglers

In the world of fishing reels, there’s a time and place for everything. If you’re offshore chasing tuna, you need a heavy-duty round reel that’s more like a truck wench than a fishing reel. If you’re hardcore bass fishing, you need a bomb-proof baitcaster with an ultra-smooth drag to launch big crankbaits and horse in […]

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What’s the Best Crankbait Rod?

As you get deeper into bass fishing and start experimenting with different lures and techniques, you realize a single rod won’t cover all your bases. This is especially true when fishing crankbaits. In this article, Flannel Fishermen will feature our Top 3 Picks for the Best Crankbait Rods current on the market. While you can […]

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The 3 Best Spinning Reels Under $150

Sure, you can catch fish with the cheapest spinning reel on the shelf. But how many fish will it hold up to before it rusts, cracks, or tangles your line to the point of no return? Fortunately, if you can bump up your spinning reel budget to $150, a high-quality, high-performance spinning reel — the […]

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Best Fishing Rod Brands

I could spend a days browsing around sports stores especially when fishing gear is involved. I love checking out all the new gear, and in the sport of fishing, new advancements in technology are constantly being implemented into every aspect of the sport.  Where I personally have the biggest problem is actually making a decision when […]

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Best Float Tubes For Fishing 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a way to access some of the best spots to cast, but without having to worry about the cost of a boat and trailer, and the hassle and upkeep that can come with that? One option is to look for a fishing kayak, which have become increasingly popular and effective in […]

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Best Ice Fishing Line Reviews

ProductBrandPrice RangeRatingTrilene Fluoro IceBerkley$ FluoroiceP-Line$ V-Coat Braid LineSufix$ In our opinion, ice fishing is one of the best winter pastimes in North America. It sounds boring to a lot of people, but there is more than meets the eye. It’s challenging, strategic, rewarding, it’s a great way to enjoy a unique outdoor environment, but most […]

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Best Spinning Reel Under $100 Buyer’s Guide

ReelBrand Price RangeRatingSiennaShimano$ Sharky IIKastKing$$ Battle IIPENN $$$ If you’re anything like me, walking into a tackle shop or any other store with fishing equipment can be huge tease. There is an endless amount of fishing gear calling my name, and when I’m on a budget, the sense of frustration of not being able to […]

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Best Stripping Guards

Stripping guards can be worn by any type of fishermen, but fly fishermen will definitely receive the most benefits. In fact, we would consider stripping guards to be one of the most underrated items in the fly fisherman’s repertoire. Stripping guards are pretty simple. They cover your fingers, usually the index and middle fingers, allowing your […]

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Best Fish Landing Nets Reviews

Fishing nets, or more specific to this application, landing nets, are arguably one of the most underrated items for fishing. Landing nets have the ability to improve the chances of landing a trophy in certain situations, they are safer for the angler, and they definitely improve the chances of successfully releasing a catch back into […]

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