About Us

Welcome to Flannel Fisherman!

Thank you for checking out our website! Here at Flannel Fishermen, we strive to provide useful information for fisherman of all skill levels, whether it be beginners to avid anglers. We focus on a variety of aspects of fishing, including how-to’s, guides for products that can improve your chances of catching the big one, cool fishing spots around the world to check out, as well as interesting news and events.

Who Are We?

We are a group of recreational, passionate, fishermen who enjoy sharing our information and experiences to other fishermen around the world. While the majority of our content originates from the same core of fishermen, we would be naive if we thought we knew it all. Plus, we often find the best tips and tricks come in the form of casual discussion with other fishing enthusiasts, so why not incorporate that into the site? Therefore, you may notice that many of our posts feature guest contributors, usually someone with a lot of expertise and experience in the area that they are writing about. Our long term goal is to provide an additional platform for the fishing community to engage in discussion and gain different perspectives on hot topics.

Would You Like More Information?

If you would like more information about anything on our website, or if you have any suggestions about topics, locations, products, or anything else that you feel should be discussed on the site, please let us know! Simply fill out the quick email form on our Contact Us page and we will respond as soon as possible.

Why “Flannel Fishermen”?

Our main contributor, John, was originally born in Canada, so we thought we would have some fun with that. However, more notably, some of our best fishing trips have taken place in the land of our Northern neighbors (e.g. sockeye salmon fishing in British Columbia, pike fishing in northern Ontario/Quebec, etc). People would joke with us about it being a law to wear flannel and drink maple syrup, so by the end of the trip we coined ourselves as “The Flannel Fishermen”. Not the most flattering name, but after having reeled in some absolutely beautiful fish (and enjoying some of the tastier beer we’ve had in a while) we figured there might be something to it after all!