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Learning how to select the proper length, action, power and material for a fishing rod is very important if one is aiming towards the next fishing trophy. Fishing isn’t always as simple as it looks in the videos even in real life, finding the best fishing rod holders are the key to success and a […]

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How to Choose a Kayak for Fishing

One of the fastest-growing kayak activity in the market today is kayak fishing. This alone has made kayaks to be so popular in recent times from freshwater kayaks to salty water kayaks. But, what makes kayaks so popular as compared to canoes and motorboats in fishing? Well, there are three definitive answers involves. One, kayaks […]

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How to Build Your Own Survival Fishing Kit

Most people assume that the standard survival fishing kit includes ~25’ of fishing line, a couple of pellet weights, and a handful of assorted hooks. This is only a good start! There are many other small, lightweight options to add to your survival fishing kit to ensure that you will indeed be successful in catching […]

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How to Cook a Fish in the Wild

When it comes to the world of fishing, there are few things better than hooking a fish, knocking it out, cleaning it, and cooking it. By cooking the fish at the peak of freshness, you can get a delicate, tender taste unlike any other. Still, though, most people opt not to cook fish in the […]

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Good Survival Fishing Kits 2019 Review

Joint efforts between devoted fisherman and savvy survivalists birthed the survival fishing kit, a small tin about the size of Sucrets (some are even made inside Sucrets tins). The theory is that when stuck in situations when you’re pole-less, bait-less and starvation hits you fiercely, you’ll have this tin that contains everything you need to […]

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