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Fishing Techniques For Flathead

Catching a flathead is in many ways the essence of Australian fishing. With the bulk of the human population living on the east Australian coast; most of us cut our teeth on flathead. Most of us dreamed of the day we’d catch our first one – even those of us who lived nowhere near the […]

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Fishing for Muskie Tips & Tricks

Muskellunge: the fish of 10,000 casts. They stand alone in North American freshwater fishing circles as a pinnacle of sports fishing achievement. Growing in excess of 50” and 40lb; with a cavernous fanged mouth, a mean disposition and a line-burning burst of speed; it’s little wonder that anglers become obsessed. And finding them is an […]

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How to Catch Big Fish From a Pier

Piers fishing is one of the most enjoyable forms of fishing. This delightfully-simple sport gives you the chance to catch hundreds of different species without a costly boat or cumbersome gear. All you really need is a good rod and reel, some bait, and a local fishing pier. It’s one of the easiest forms of […]

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