3 Awesome Golf Cart Accessories For Fishing

Golf Cart Accessories For Fishing

Anyone who has every fished recreationally knows that it is one of the most relaxing hobbies there is. Whether you’re heading down to your local fishing spot, stream fishing in the mountains or pier fishing, having tools can make it even more enjoyable.

That’s why for those of you that have a lake near the property, or a man made pond on the property, golf carts are one of the best and most relaxing ways to get to and from your destination.

You’ll also know that a stock golf cart, although good for transportation and saving you the walk, isn’t necessary the best for fishing. You’d most likely get stuck cramming your tackle box, cooler and refreshments into the small basket that comes standard.

Furthermore, to fish you need your rods and although you could walk and hold your gear all the way down to the fishing spot, you can also add more storage and awesome accessories to a golf cart for all of your fishing needs.

So let’s get to the part of this article you came here for…the best accessories for turning your golf cart into the ultimate fishing machine.

Golf Cart Rod Holders

Golf carts are not simply used for playing golf. They can provide people with an easy way to get from one location to the other. Most of them are designed to go across asphalt or concrete. They also, obviously, do very well on grass. If you happen to be in an area where you can drive directly to a fishing hole, then you should consider purchasing golf cart rod holders. Some of these can hold as many as three fishing rods and are very easy to attach to the golf cart.

Golf Cart Roof Racks and Utility Boxes

If you are going to bring a substantial amount of tackle with you, instead of carrying it, you should install a roof rack or consider adding a utility bed. You can place all of your containers on the top, and after securing them, drive to your destination. However, this might not be ideal for things that are heavy such as a cooler for beverages.

Grab Bar Mounted Cooler Racks

The final accessory that you should consider owning is a grab bar mounted cooler rack. These are installed at the back of the golf cart. This may become your favorite accessory. If you are not bringing in a lot of beverages, you can also store some of your tackle in the cooler itself. You could have a special section just for worms or other forms of live bait. Regardless of how you use it, it provides you with a place to easily access the fishing tackle that you are going to bring.

If you do use a golf cart when you go fishing, these three accessories are absolutely essential. By installing a fishing pole holder, golf cart rack, and a grab bar mounted cooler rack on the back, you can bring literally everything that you want. If you want to escalate your fishing experience in a positive way, consider installing these accessories today.

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