5 Top Destinations for Fishing Enthusiasts

Fishing can be a lovely way to relax on a Sunday afternoon and a great get-together for friends. It can also bring a lot of competition and plenty of beers! If you love all things fishing, check out these top 5 destinations to enjoy fishing, beautiful scenery, wildlife, or family fun.

5 Top Destinations for Fishing Enthusiasts


If you’re looking for somewhere different, Thailand is a surprisingly great fishing destination. There are plenty of fisheries to choose from with the opportunity to catch exotic and giant fish from all over the globe. As well as the chance to catch a giant arapaima, you could also snag a local Siamese carp or a giant Mekong catfish. Don’t forget to try the amazing street food while you’re there, as the Thai really know how to cook up a feast with fish.


If you are an avid fisher, you have probably heard about the famous giant blue marlin, which can grow to a massive 1,000lbs. Madeira is home to this famous giant fish and being just 360 miles from the African west coast, it is a magnet for world record fish, as well as some amazing ocean predators. Madeira is a great vacation destination and offers plenty of other things to see and do when you are all fished out.


If you want to travel further afield, Iceland is a great destination for any fishing enthusiast. Expect to see clear rivers that are teeming with trout, arctic char, and salmon. Hire a boat or take a guide and explore the rugged coast for a chance to snag a halibut or giant cod on your line. The nature and landscapes are also breath-taking, so while you are waiting for a fish you can take in the views, grab your flask of coffee, and relax…


If you want a family fishing experience in a rustic cabin, stories around the fire, and the chance to see the northern lights, then a Minnesota Fishing Resort is a fantastic destination right here in America. With some great fishing opportunities and the option to hire your own boat, you can go for a fishing vacation with your friends or family. Sometimes, fishing is just as good as the people you can share it with and this is a fantastic place to take young children on their first fishing trip.


Fancy somewhere a little more rugged and cold? Alaska is a fantastic fishing destination, with vast open spaces and so many places to fish, you will never get enough. The rivers here are teeming with Pacific salmon, including pink, chum, silver, and chinook. You will have to get used to sharing the river with the wildlife in Alaska, with eagles, moose, bears, and beavers all trying to grab their own fish for supper. Try your hand at snagging a Migratory rainbow trout while you’re out there if you’re up for the challenge. If you are an avid fisher or have just started on your fishing journey, these top 5 destinations are perfect for any fishing enthusiast.