Penn Spinfisher V Review

Penn Spinfisher V Review

If you’re one of the millions out there that waited for the Penn Spinfisher V’s release, we’re betting that you were amped to see if it really was the ultimate saltwater spinning reel. Read our review to see if this Spinfisher is worth the stir it’s been causing.

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Penn Spinfisher V Specs

The Penn Spinfisher V open face reel comes available in 11 different sizes (ranging from 3500 to 10,500), which is great since you’ll get to choose a size that’s going to optimize your fishing experience, but we’re not going to go into the details of all 11 sizes today.

The initial idea behind the Spinfisher V reels is that they were made with big game fishing in mind, each offering more max dragline and line capacities as they go up in sizes. For seriously big fishing tasks, you’d need something like the SSV10500, which is the heaviest and strongest reel in the series, weighing in at roughly 40 oz.

Spec List

  • Bearings – 5+1
  • Build – Full metal body, side plate, Techno-balanced rotor
  • Spool – Machined and anodized Superline spool with line capacity rings
  • Sealed HT-100 drag system
  • Instant Anti-reverse

Penn Spinfisher V Features


Penn has been producing their Spinfisher reels for quite some time now, and it’s clear that the V series of reels (their fifth version) was made with extreme durability in mind. The Water Tight Design has 6 seals that keep the saltwater out of the gearbox and drag system, and the drag system is also sealed with 3 HT-100 drag washers, which makes it one of the best-sealed construction build out there, something you’ll only find in the Penn Spinfisher V.

No Slip Issues

Thanks to the rubber gasket that keeps the super-line from slipping, you don’t need a mono or fluorocarbon backing for these reels. Filling a spool has never been easier or faster, and if you’re looking for an even reel line lay, look no further!

Capacity Indicators

We love how the Penn Spinfisher V reel lets you know whether you have 1/3 or 2/3 of line left on your spool, thanks to the line capacity rings that this reel sports

Why We Like the Penn Spinfisher V

We have to give Penn a solid tap on the back for producing a line of reels that cater to such a wide market segment, all the way from the rookies to the pros, and the best part is that these reels are super durable. One purchase could well mean a lifetime of great fishing adventures.

Penn Spinfisher V Drawbacks

If we had to pick at a specific issue, we’d like to put the case of performance out there. When you compare what the Penn Spinfisher V reel is capable of, it lacks in performance when you weigh it up against the closest market competitors. This isn’t a performance reel, it’s a reel that’s been made to withstand saltwater like nobody’s business, and do it for years and years to come.

Would We Recommend the Penn Spinfisher V?

If you’re looking for the all-time best drag system or the smoothest reel in the world, the Penn Spinfisher V is NOT what you’re going to invest in. If you are looking for a reel that’ll handle a saltwater beating with a smile and last you for ages, however, then yes, we would gladly recommend this reel.

Final Thoughts

We love the Penn Spinfisher V’s durability and its ability to withstand wear and tear. It’s not a cheap fishing reel, but for those of you looking to make a once-off investment that’ll keep its value for a lifetime, this reel really is the way to go.

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