Shimano Curado Reviews

Shimano Curado Review

Shimano is a big name is the saltwater fishing industry, and with the track record that their ever-popular Baitrunner series has, it’s not hard to understand why. But the legendary Curado series has always been a go-to option for anglers that didn’t want to break the bank for a reel that could deliver performance and reliability.

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If you’re still contemplating the idea of investing in a Shimano Curado, read on to see why you’d be crazy not to grab the opportunity…

Shimano’s flagship reel is the Baitrunner, and it’s one of their best reels where they can showcase their innovative new tech, but those top-end products aren’t the most popular in the mainstream segment because they tip the scales a little to the expensive side of things.

Enter the Shimano Curado. Delivering top-notch performance and reliability, at a price that most average folks can afford.

Shimano Curado Tech Specs

  • Line Capacity = 8/180, 10/155, 14/110
  • Spool Volume = 70cc
  • Retrieve Ratio = 7.2:1 / 6.3:1 / 5.5:1
  • Weight = 7.4 oz
  • Handle Length = 3.3 inches
  • Bearings: 5 S-ARB + 1 RB
  • Max Drag = 15.4 lbs


We’ll say this right off the bat: The Shimano Curado isn’t the smoothest reel out there, nor is it the most refined, but since it was made to be an everyday baitcaster, the Curado does 2 things exceptionally well, it has brilliant ergonomics and its super reliable!

What We Love About The Shimano Curado

  • Very tough
  • Smooth operation
  • Palmable
  • Casts easily
  • Very accessible

Shimano Curado I Reel – What’s New?

Shimano had their fair share of ups and downs with their Curado D and E reels. This definitely isn’t the case with the I series. What you get from the new series of reels is toughness and durability, and unlike a lot of competing brands, Shimano hasn’t tried to make this reel superlight since that would impact the overall strength and performance abilities.

A lot of Shimano’s tech like X-Ship and S3D has been incorporated into the Shimano Curado I series of reels, and this is especially good for added stability in the frames, gears, and spools. The other thing we need to mention here is how comfy the reel is to hold; we could seriously go all day with it and not be bothered.

Extra Features

Flannel fishermen and his team had a hard time trying to find an access port to the spool as nice as the one featured on the Shimano Curado I. All you need to do is flip the switch on the bottom of the frame and the side springs open, swinging away on a hinge. Next, you can remove the spool, add some oil and have a look at the centrifugal brakes.

Another thing worth mentioning is the brakes which are super easy to dial through the dial built into the edge of the frame and side plate.

What About Size?

The Shimano Curado I series comes available in three different sizes: 5.5:1, 3:1 and 7.2:1 gear ratios, and can also be purchased in left-or-right-hand models.

Shimano Curado Drawbacks

With the quick access port, cranking down the tension knob too much cause the closing of the side plate to be very difficult. Also, the dial on the edge of the frame is a bit stiff when you’re trying to dial the breaks at first.

Would We Recommend the Shimano Curado?

All things considered: The Shimano Curado is an excellent reel for the money. If you’re a weekend warrior looking to invest in a reel that won’t break the bank but you still need to invest in a quality product, we’d happily recommend the Shimano Curado I series.

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