Things you should know about kayaking

Now that you have made up your mind to go kayaking, there are some important things that you need to know. These are not rules but some important tips that you need to get the best of the sport, so you do not have to cut your fun and excitement short.

You will get wet

You should know this without anyone telling you. Kayaking is a water sport that involves the use of a kayak that is very low to the water. It requires the use of a paddle to move the kayak on the water, and splashes of water while on the water is inevitable.

Your movement on the water is never going to be stable, especially if you are engaged in a task or a game. So, you must be fully aware you will get wet and so you must do away with things that could easily get damaged with water.

Use life jacket

You should never get on a kayak without having a personal floating device on you, known as a life jacket. On several occasions some people have fallen into the water while kayaking, and one of the devices that will keep you floating is a floating device.

A personal floating device will help you float in the water and keep your head above the water. It is a life-saving gear that you must never do away with if you are planning to go kayaking. Even if you know how to swim, you should use a life vest.

Use a water-resistant watch

If you are someone like me that can’t go out without a wristwatch, then you need to put some important factors into consideration. Using a standard watch for any water sport means you want to damage the watch. Once water gets into the inner compartment of the watch, it can get some components damaged.

It is the reason you should consider going for a water-resistant watch. A most water-resistant watch has all it takes to work effectively in some degree of water immersion, and that means most will conveniently withstand splashes of water.

Choose a lightweight paddle

Kayaking is not easily possible without the use of a paddle. The paddle is the device that is being used to move the kayak on the water. It is similar to when you are moving a canoe. The movement of the paddle determines the direction the kayak will head to, and that is controlled by you.

Therefore, it is essential that you choose a paddle that is lightweight and very easy to control for you. If the paddle is of heavy-duty material, it might be quite difficult for you to handle. Either you are kayaking for fun or for sport, you are advised to opt for a lightweight paddle.

What to do if you flip

Flipping with a kayak is inevitable. There are times you have to beat against the tide, and you end up finding yourself in the water. You don’t have to panic. All you have to do is relax and allow the floating device to bring you back on the surface of the water.

This is one of the advantages of using a life jacket and watch for kayaking. Pick up your kayak and then find your way back into it and continue with your quest.

Sit tight and straight

The next thing we have for you is how you should sit in your kayak. If you are using a one-person kayak, you should sit conveniently on the sit with your leg stretched forward. Sit straight and ensure you are comfortable. Some do come with a strap to keep you on the kayak, and you can make use of that too.

Check the forecast

There are days you should never get on the water because of the water condition. This is where you need to get a device that will tell you the weather condition for the day and if you should get on the water or not.

You need the water to be stable for you to have a smooth performance on it with your kayak. So, make use of the right device to know the status of the water, and then you can choose to get on it or not based on the result you find from the checker.

Master your paddle stroke

Your paddle stroke determines where you want the kayak to head to. There are different types of strokes, such as the forward stroke, reverse stroke, sweep, and draw stroke. You need to know when you should use a specific stroke. Learn when you are to initiate each stroke, as that will help you to have a smooth and wonderful performance on the water.

Get other gears available

There are some other essential gears that you ought to take along for your kayaking trip, and they include sunglasses, spare paddle, helmet or hat, proper footwear, and some self-rescue devices. Those listed are essential tools that you should never do without, and you can do further research on some others you can take along too.

Choose the right kayak

Oh! I actually thought I forgot this part. There is nothing like kayaking without a kayak. You need a quality kayak that can handle the toughest situation and the one that can effortlessly accommodate you with your body weight.

There is a different kind of kayak in the market, and you should do all it takes to pick the right one for you. They vary in specification and quality. There you can find an inflatable kayak, two people kayak, one-person kayak and many more. You just ensure you choose the one that meets with your budget and style.


Kayaking is fun and exciting but can turn out to be hell if you fail to do the necessary. The necessary is choosing the right kayak and some other important gear that you need to have a smooth and wonderful performance. We wish you the best with kayaking.

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