Fishing from a Stand-Up Paddleboard (Yes, It Can Be Done!)

When considering different types of fishing boats and reading the reviews on iSUPReviews, you may not even think about choosing a stand-up paddleboard. After all, it seems a little daunting to be paddling, standing, and fishing all at the same time. However, fishing from a stand-up paddleboard is not only possible, but also a lot of fun. You just have to know the right type of board to get and how to make the activity safe and enjoyable.

Comparable to Kayak Fishing

Anyone who has ever gone fishing from a kayak will probably find stand-up paddleboard fishing to be similar. You have to paddle each watercraft to your fishing spot, and there’s not much storage area on board for your gear. They can also be unstable in certain weather conditions, so they require extra precautions when on the water. The main difference between kayak fishing and stand-up paddleboard fishing is that you are sitting in a kayak and standing on a paddleboard.

Advantages of Stand-Up Paddleboard Fishing

While paddleboarding in general has been a popular sport for many years, fishing from a paddleboard is a relatively new phenomenon. However, the anglers who have tried fishing from a stand-up paddleboard have noted various advantages. For example, paddleboards are very easy to transport. They’re lightweight, and you can even find inflatable models that can be deflated to fit inside any size vehicle.

Another advantage of stand-up paddleboards is that they can be easily maneuvered into tight spots, some of which offer the best fishing in a lake or pond. Fish know where to hide from boats that can’t get into those small spaces, so using a stand-up paddleboard can allow you to get to these fishing areas that other people will miss. Plus, they’re silent, so you can sneak up on those fish as well.

Since you have to paddle your watercraft to your fishing location, fishing from a stand-up paddleboard offers an excellent source of exercise. If you’re looking to burn a few calories while you fish, this is one of the best ways to do it. You’ll burn more calories standing up than you would sitting down in a kayak or other boat, so paddleboards have a fitness advantage over most types of watercraft used for fishing.

Disadvantages of Stand-Up Paddleboard Fishing

As with any method of fishing, there are some disadvantages to fishing from a stand-up paddleboard. The biggest problem with a stand-up paddleboard is its instability, particularly in rough weather. When you’re sitting in a watercraft, your center of gravity is lower, so you’re less likely to tip over. On a paddleboard, however, your balance can be disrupted by waves or wind, so just be sure to wear a personal floatation device at all times and don’t walk up and down your board until you have some experience maneuvering it through various water conditions.

Furthermore, paddleboards aren’t ideal for long distances because you are using more energy paddling a paddleboard than you would be if you were in a kayak. You might be fine paddling out to your fishing spot, but keep in mind that you have to paddle back at some point. Only go out as far as you’re able to safely paddle back.


Many people don’t think you can fish from a paddleboard because you’re standing up and paddling; however, you don’t have to paddle all the time. Once you get to your fishing spot, dropping a line from a paddleboard is not much different from fishing from any other watercraft. So, check out the various paddleboard models available and try out this new and exciting sport!