Why Fishermen Need a Good Pocket Knife

Whether you are heading down to the local watering hole to cast a line, or heading out on your next deep sea fishing adventure, you will find that the right fishing knife is an indispensable item for the task at hand.  

A good fishing knife will facilitate just about every aspect of your fishing activities. Of course, there are specialty knives for scaling and filleting your catch. But in our article today we will cover everything you should know about a standard all-purpose fishing knife and why they are so useful to fishers and anglers of all levels of experience.  

If you have been considering adding a good all-purpose knife to your fishing kit, but not sure what kind of knife to get, it helps to have an idea of all the different applications for this knife you will find in your adventures. So, without further introduction let’s take a closer look at why every fisherman and fisher-woman needs a pocket knife.  

Why Carry A Pocket Knife While Fishing?

When you are assembling your fishing gear you have probably already collected the basics like a rod, reel, plenty of line, hooks, weights and floats. But there is a lot more to fishing than just pulling the fish from the water, many people are so focused on whether or not they can catch a fish they don’t stop to think about the next step when they actually do. This is where the versatility of pocket knives comes into play.  

But even before that, there are many tasks that will be carried out when fishing that will be made much simpler with a top-quality pocket knife. Here are some of the best reasons that every fisher and angler should keep a good all-purpose knife in their fishing gear.  

Cutting Line

Fishing line is designed and manufactured to be a tough and durable material. This means you probably won’t be able to break it with your fingers or bite through it with your teeth. There will be plenty of times where an excess of string, perhaps on a knot, will need to be cut.

Or your fishing line will become tangled or stuck on some obstacle. In any of these situations, a good all-purpose fishing knife will be the difference between making quick work of the faulty line or stumbling around scratching your head wondering what to do next.  

Prepping Bait

Bait is another good reason to have a sharp blade on hand. A good knife will allow you to slice and dice your bait into small manageable chunks perfect for enticing hungry fish. Of course, you can do this without a knife sometimes, but you will find that using a sharp blade will allow you to economize on your bait, meaning that a smaller portion will cover more hooks. Furthermore, a knife will make a messy and time-consuming task, quick and clean.  

Slaughtering Fish

If you will be fishing to keep what you catch; you will probably want a sharp implement with which you can quickly dispatch these slippery silvery fish. A sharp blade will be enough to pierce the forehead causing instant death. If the blade is kept in perfect conditions, you will be able to use it to remove the fish from the line and get back to fishing as quickly as possible.  

Cleaning and Filleting

Once your fish have been dispatched and you are ready to return to your camp or home, they will need to be cleaned and scaled. The right all-purpose knife will allow this to be done quickly and easily without having to carry several tools to handle the cleaning, scaling and filleting.  

Camping, Cooking, Building Fires, etc.

Finally, there will be a wide variety of other activities an angler will engage in on a fishing trip. This can include popping open bottle tops, whittling wood to start a fire and a host of other camping tasks that can be facilitated with the right choice of pocket knife. Taking the time to consider the type of adventures you will have can help you make the perfect selection of pocket knife.