Victor Olerskiy: The Best Places to Go Fishing in Russia

Victor Olerskiy The Best Places to Go Fishing in Russia

Fishing is a hobby of Victor Olerskiy, former Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation. This article will explore some of the most exciting fishing spots in all of Russia.

Covering more than 17 million square kilometres in total, equating to 11% of the Earth’s total landmass, Russia is the largest country in the world. A land of everlasting extremes, Russia is the coldest place on the planet, as well being home to the world’s biggest freshwater lake. Russia’s fishing opportunities are nothing short of extraordinary.

Lake Baikal

The largest freshwater lake on the planet, Lake Baikal is second only to the Caspian Sea overall. Grayling, Hucho taimen and many other types of fish are caught in the lake. However, it is the Omul whitefish that draws anglers from near and far, since Lake Baikal is the only place on the planet where the species is found.

Caucasus Region

Located in southern Russia, close to the Georgian Border, the Caucasus region is the darling of many fishing aficionados. It is famed for its brown trout. On a good day, fly fishers can catch dozens of trout in the region’s waterways.

Senezh Lake

Another of Russia’s highly popular fishing destinations, Senezh Lake is situated just 50 kilometres from the Moscow Ring Road. Here, bream, carp, crucian carp, pike, pike-perch, roach, eels and ruffe are all common catches.

Volga River

Europe’s longest river, the Volga passes through more than half of Russia’s largest cities, including Moscow, and is widely regarded as the country’s national river. Burbot, perch, catfish and pike can all be caught in the Volga River near Moscow, with some specimens topping 100 kilograms.

Kamchatka Peninsula

Situated on the eastern side of Russia, the Kamchatka peninsula is the ideal place to fish for Pacific salmon. Indeed, the variety of salmon available here makes Kamchatka a popular fishing destination for both beginners and expert angler’s alike, with pink salmon, cherry salmon, king salmon and another dozen different salmon species spawning in the region’s rivers.

Ivan’Kovskoe Water Reserve

The largest water reserve in the entire Moscow region, the Ivan’Kovskoe Water Reserve is referred to locally as the ‘Moscow Sea’. Bream, perch, roach and pike are all common catches at Ivan’Kovskoe Water Reserve. In addition, pike-perch, dogfish and tench are also occasionally landed.

Klyazminskoe Water Reserve

Moscow’s nearest water reserve, Klyazminskoe Water Reserve lies at the heart of the Klyazma River and is particularly popular with local anglers. Perch, bream, white bream, roach and pike are highly common catches, with the rarer dogfish, catfish and pike-perch also encountered here from time to time.

Moscow Canal

Moscow Canal is inhabited by a surprising array of different fish varieties, including perch, pike-perch, bream, pike, roach, and orfe. Due to the varying water streams and levels, Moscow Canal can be a challenging place to fish, particularly for beginners, and for this reason it is largely the remit of more experienced anglers.

Ponti Lake

Situated 40 kilometres from Moscow Ring Road, this artificial lake is the perfect location for both summer and winter angling. Common catches for local fishers include grass carp, silver carp, carp, pike and river trout.

Kola Peninsula

The Kola Peninsula is the world’s last stronghold for Atlantic salmon fishing. Here, Atlantic salmon is a purely natural resource, with no need for restocking. The Varzuga river boasts an unbelievable number of fish, while the allure of the Yokanga lies in the size of the specimens it produces rather than the number.